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Partner with BioTechniques to produce and promote a scientific webinar or to extend the reach of your existing webinar through our Webinar Promotion Package

BioTechniques will work with you to develop a program that highlights your products or services in an educational environment allowing you to generate leads, improve brand awareness, expand sales to current customers, and qualify new prospects through demographic questions as part of the registration process.

BioTechniques will:

  • coordinate speaker selection, recruitment, and presentations to include internal and external speakers
  • arrange the recording, online streaming of the live event, and on demand delivery of the recorded event
  • manage the registration, data collection, and pre- and post-event promotions
  • deliver qualified leads with contact and demographic data for all registrants pre- and post-event
  • provide an extended promotional package including your own ads to further highlight the products and service featured in the webinar



BioTechniques will develop a Registration and Lead Generation program that includes pre- and post- live-event campaigns to maximize live attendance and on demand viewership at the convenience of viewers.

Pre- and Post-Event promotions include:

  • three email campaigns targeting the most relevant subscribers
  • one full week of BioTechniques Newsletter promotions including seven distributions reaching 45,000 to 75,000 unique email inboxes with each distribution
  • one week (M-F) of BioTechniques daily newsletter “Latest Webinar” listings reaching over 45,000 unique email inboxes each day to drive post event on demand viewership.

Product Promotions

Webinar sponsorships include the option for sponsors to submit their own advertising materials featuring the products and services promoted in the webinar.

Webinar packages include:

  • a full page, four-color, full-distribution, standard print ad to be placed in BioTechniques.
  • 30,000 total 120×240 and 120×600 banner ad impressions on Other sizes available based on availability – check with your sales rep.

In place of product promotions, sponsors can choose to have BioTechniques create additional registration and lead generation campaigns.

Extend the reach of your existing webinars and product demonstration videos

Let BioTechniques help drive traffic to your existing multimedia promotions through a custom package of email, newsletter and banner ad campaigns.

Contact your sales representative to discuss a custom package of:

  • print advertising
  • emal campaigns and list selects
  • newsletter promotions
  • banner ad impressions

Previous Webinars

BioTechniques has produced a wide-range of general and technology-specific webinars that cover a variety of technologies most-used by the readers of BioTechniques, BioTechniques Newsletters, and

Average Webinar Stats

  • Average Registrations: 620
  • Average Unique Viewers: 360
  • Average Live Viewers: 251
  • Average On Demand Viewers: 139

Previous webinars include:

  • Using CRISPR/Cas9 to Understand Transcription and Control Gene Expression
  • Exploring Neurons and Synapses: Imaging Tools and Techniques Webinar
  • Confocal and Two-photon Microscopy Methods for Imaging the Brain
  • Digital Pathology: Expanding the Microscope Slide Box
  • Workshop on Recent Advances and Applications of Laser Capture Microdissection
  • Coupling Flow Cytometry With an Expanded Palette of Fluorescent Proteins to Enhance Gene Expression Analysis
  • Beyond the Diffraction Limit: Advances and Applications of Super-Resolution Imaging
  • Signal Amplification for Immunocytochemistry and In Situ Hybridization
  • Principles and Applications of Multiphoton Imaging
  • Principles and Applications of Live Cell Imaging
  • Tyramide Signal Amplification for imaging Applications: Techniques for the Most Challenging IHC and ISH Targets
  • Real-time, label-free Cell Monitoring: Overcoming the Llmitations of Endpoint Analysis
  • Harnessing the Power of Single Cell Analysis
  • Live Cell Imaging: Simplifying and Demystifying
  • Obtaining Multiparametric, Real-Time Measurements In Industrial Bioprocessing Using Automated Flow Cytometry

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