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Virtual Symposium

The BioTechniques Virtual Symposium

The BioTechniques Virtual Symposium offers multiple branding, product promotion, and lead generation opportunities tied to specific topics or themes. In addition to participation with the show, keynote and session sponsors also receive demographic and contact information for participants.

Sponsorships include:

  • exclusive keynote and session sponsorships
  • exhibit booths
  • posters
  • post-event newsletters

Our most recent symposium reached more than 3,470 registrants and more than 1,220 show visitors.  Over 3,160 webcasts were viewed and attendees spent, on average, more than 2 hours and 20 minutes within the show site. These numbers continue to climb as the entire show is still available on demand.

Session details are available at where you can still register for the event and access the show on demand.

Contact your sales rep today for more information on the BioTechniques Virtual Symposium.