Advertising Options

Value-added Benefits

Value-added items are bonus features for BioTechniques advertisers. Speak to your sales rep for specific details and additional offers.

Bonus Distribution

See our Editorial Calendar for the conferences where BioTechniques will be distributed to attendees in addition to our standard subscriber list.

READEX Ad Recognition Studies

Advertisers in BioTechniques READEX Ad Study issues will qualify to be part of a third-party reader feedback study that rates ads according to their attention getting, informative, and believability aspects. This independent data on ad interactions allows advertisers to apply ROI to their print advertisements. Currently offered to full page advertisers with ads reaching the North America market.

READEX Message Impact Report:

Message impact ratings allow advertisers to gauge the
relative performance of their ads with other ads in the study.

READEX Action Results Report:

Action results indicate the actions that readers took or plan to take after seeing an ad. The first column represents the percentage of readers who have taken or plan to take action on an individual ad while a color-coded bar indicates the number of readers that reported taking specific actions as a result of seeing the ad. The stacked format and color-coding allows for easy comparison among advertisements.


READEX Comment Reports:

Reader comments allow advertisers to discover what readers really think of their ads
through an open text feedback form that asks readers: “What message or feeling do
you get from this ad?”

Contact Your Sales Rep for a sample report.

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