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Boost your company’s exposure with BioTechniques reprints

BioTechniques reprints are a great way to increase your company’s visibility in the marketplace through:

  • literature fulfillment packets
  • sales kits
  • trade shows and seminars
  • employee training

Articles in Color

Color reprints are printed on 70# enamel paper and can be reproduced in color or in black and white. Color articles reprinted in black and white will be charged black and white pricing.

Articles in Black and White

Black and white reprints are printed on 60# enamel paper.

Finishing and Page Counts

Page counts over four are saddle-stitched in booklet form. Articles are redesigned and a BioTechniques cover can be added upon request. Please note that most reprints are one page longer than the original published article due to reprint formatting. Articles must be reprinted as 2 pages, 4 pages, or in multiples of 4. Blank pages can accommodate covers or advertising artwork upon request.


  • Company logo
  • Company ads
  • Company literature
  • BioTechniques 4-color cover
  • Gray vellum cover with citation information
  • Corporate inventory codes

Reprints for Authors and Researchers

Authors can order copies of their articles at discounted prices within 30 days of publication by using our Author Reprint order form by sending an email request to the contact below. Researchers can also order a PDF version of any article for personal use using the same form.

Bulk Pricing

Reprints are available in minimum quantities of 100 for authors and 500 for companies. Orders are printed and shipped within 10 business days.

For orders and pricing information, please contact:

Foster Printing Service
Rhonda Brown
Reprint Marketing Manager
Direct: 219-878-6094
Toll Free: 866-879-9144 x 194

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