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This monthly collection of posters, protocols, app notes, webinars, white papers, and videos includes promotional listings published on and/or your own website.

Distribution to the full BioTechniques newsletter subscriber database means your listing reaches the widest and most engaged audience possible.

BioSolutions-ImageAll entries include:

  • title, company name, and product image
  • a 75 word abstract for a standard listing or a 175 word abstract for the monthly featured listing.


Third Thursday of each month


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Additional Options

Combine your BioSolutions Newsletter sponsorship with a listing on the BioTechniques website and receive additional exposure and reach:

  • Posters – 1,450 average monthly section views
  • Protocols – 6,000 average monthly section views
  • App Notes – 480 average views per listing
  • Videos – 10,000 average impression views
  • Webinars – 700 average registrations

Did You Know? Of all BioTechniques newsletter subscribers:

  • 89% find sponsor content relevant to their work in the lab
  • 92% actively seek out new equipment and service providers for use in their labs
  • 82% have budget and purchasing authority or influence


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