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December 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Chromatography (New approaches in protein separation and purification technologies, chromatography columns, HPLC)
  • Practical Guide: Cell Culture (This Practical Guide looks at the development and application of cell culture scaffolds and defined media formulations for studying cell biology with a focus on how these innovations have led to more advanced three-dimensional cell culture platforms and systems).


  • Application Forum Deadline: 11/6
  • Closing Deadline: 11/8
  • Materials Deadline: 11/13

January 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Metabolomics (NMR, MS, chromatography, bioinformatics)
  • Bonus Distribution: SLAS


  • Application Forum Deadline: 12/10
  • Closing Deadline: 12/12
  • Materials Deadline: 12/15

February 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Next-generation sequencing (Bioinformatics in NGS, cloud computing application, and sequence analysis tools)
  • Practical Guide: Genome Structure and Function (This Practical Guide examines the latest methods and techniques used to study how genomes are organized and gene
    expression is regulated).


  • Application Forum Deadline: 1/9
  • Closing Deadline: 1/12
  • Materials Deadline: 1/15

March 2015 – A READEX Ad Study Issue

  • Tech News Theme: Microfluidics (Microfluidic devices, applications, and clinical diagnostic tools)
  • Bonus Distribution: FASEB


  • Application Forum Deadline: 2/10
  • Closing Deadline: 2/12
  • Materials Deadline: 2/16

April 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Stem Cells (Stem cell culture, pluripotency factors, differentiation protocols, and small molecules/chemicals/RNA)
  • Bonus Distribution: AACR


  • Application Forum Deadline: 3/10
  • Closing Deadline: 3/12
  • Materials Deadline: 3/16

May 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Digital PCR (Digital PCR methods, applicatons, and protocols)
  • Practical Guide: Genome Engineering (Genome engineering is becoming commonplace with the development of tools such as ZFNs, TALENs, and CRISPR-Cas9. This Practical
    Guide explores the latest techniques and protocols for modifying genes and DNA segments in a variety of organisms).


  • Application Forum Deadline: 4/10
  • Closing Deadline: 4/13
  • Materials Deadline: 4/15

June 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Genome Analysis (Technologies such as Hi-C and 3C that enable researchers to map the architecture of the genome will be examined).


  • Application Forum Deadline: 5/11
  • Closing Deadline: 5/13
  • Materials Deadline: 5/15

July 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Cancer Research (Microscopy, animal models, cell culture systems, cell migration assays, genetic analysis)
  • Practical Guide: Protein Interactions (FRET can be used to assay distances between biomolecules as well as examine folding kinetics inside single proteins. This Practical Guide investigates the many uses of FRET and provides guidance for implementing the technique in any lab).


  • Application Forum Deadline: 6/10
  • Closing Deadline: 6/12
  • Materials Deadline: 6/15

August 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Translational Research (Clinical diagnostic applications and
    methods, clinical assays)


  • Application Forum Deadline: 7/10
  • Closing Deadline: 7/13
  • Materials Deadline: 7/15

September 2015 - A READEX Ad Study Issue

  • Tech News Theme: Gene Cloning and Manipulation (Ligation-independent cloning techniques, BAC cloning, and gene manipulation)
  • Practical Guide: PCR 2015 (From qPCR to digital PCR and multiplex PCR, this Practical Guide examines different PCR applications, providing practical guidance for obtaining the best experimental results).
  • Bonus Distribution: NIH


  • Application Forum Deadline: 8/10
  • Closing Deadline: 8/12
  • Materials Deadline: 8/17

October 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Protein Analysis Tools (Protein-protein interaction assays (FRET, BRET, BiFC, Y2H), Western blotting, and single-cell protein analysis
  • Bonus Distribution: SFN


  • Application Forum Deadline: 9/?
  • Closing Deadline: 9/?
  • Materials Deadline: 9/?

November 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Large-Scale Genome Analysis (Whole genome sequencing, CNV
    analysis of large populations, and genotyping technologies)
  • Practical Guide: What do I do now that I have my NGS data? (It is easy to generate volumes of sequence data, but what do you do with all of that information? What are the best data/ sequence analysis tools? This Practical Guide will assist readers in finding the proper bioinformatics tools to get the most out of their sequencing experiments).
  • Bonus Distribution: ASCB


  • Application Forum Deadline: 10/10
  • Closing Deadline: 10/14
  • Materials Deadline: 10/16

December 2015

  • Tech News Theme: Microbiome Analysis (DNA sequencing, sample preparation,
    analysis tools, and microfluidic cell separation techniques)
  • Practical Guide: Stem Cells – Paths to Pluripotency (This Practical Guide will detail
    various methods now available to generate, culture, and maintain pluripotent stem
    cells. From genetic manipulation to chemical transformation, protocols will be
    examined and case studies will be presented).


  • Application Forum Deadline: 11/9
  • Closing Deadline: 11/11
  • Materials Deadline: 11/13