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January 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Structure Determination in Biology (NMR, MS, EM single molecule FRET/light microscopy approaches to determine the structures of cells, organelles, proteins, and protein complexes)


  • Application Forum Deadline: 12/13
  • Closing Deadline: 12/16
  • Materials Deadline: 12/20

February 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Next-generation Sequencing (Exome analysis, library construction for sequencing, targeted resequencing  applications, bioinformatics, and sequence analysis)
  • Focus Section: A Practical Guide to DNA Sequencing – From library preparation to data analysis, this special section will include articles aimed at providing practical advice for novice, and experienced, scientists working with next-generation sequencing instruments and kits.


  • Application Forum Deadline: 1/9
  • Closing Deadline: 1/13
  • Materials Deadline: 1/16

March 2014 – A READEX Ad Study Issue

  • Tech News Theme: Antibodies (Exploration of validation efforts, a look at largescale antibody production efforts, and, discussion of alternative binders)
  • Bonus Distribution: AACR


  • Application Forum Deadline: 2/7
  • Closing Deadline: 2/11
  • Materials Deadline: 2/14

April 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Stem Cell Biology (Stem cell culturing conditions, pluripotency, differentiation protocols, stem cell biology, and small molecules/RNA)
  • Bonus Distribution: FASEB


  • Application Forum Deadline: 3/7
  • Closing Deadline: 3/11
  • Materials Deadline: 3/14

May 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Chemical Biology (Small molecules for use in chemical genomics, small molecule libraries, compound screening, and high-throughput screening)
  • Focus Section: A Practical Guide to qPCR – PCR revolutionized molecular biology. qPCR has expanded researchers’ abilities to quantify samples and biomolecules. Still, additional information is needed to obtain reliable qPCR results. In this section, articles focusing on qPCR approaches and data normalization techniques will be presented.


  • Application Forum Deadline: 4/11
  • Closing Deadline: 4/16
  • Materials Deadline: 4/18

June 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Cell Culture Advances (3D culture techniques, novel media formulations and supplements)


  • Application Forum Deadline: 5/9
  • Closing Deadline: 5/14
  • Materials Deadline: 5/16

July 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Optogenetics Optogenetic tools and probes, optogenetic applications (genomics, neuroscience)


  • Application Forum Deadline: 6/11
  • Closing Deadline: 6/13
  • Materials Deadline: 6/18

August 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Translational Research (Clinical diagnostic applications, clinical assays)


  • Application Forum Deadline: 7/11
  • Closing Deadline: 7/15
  • Materials Deadline: 7/18

September 2014 - A READEX Ad Study Issue

  • Tech News Theme: Epigenetics (Analysis of histone modification, DNA methylation analysis tools, NGS approaches to epigenetics, PCRbased methylation analysis)
  • Focus Section: A Practical Guide to Cell Culture  – Culturing cells is a fundamental technique in the modern biology lab. Here, we provide insights into best cell culture practices and approaches to enhance culture conditions and experimental outcomes.
  • Bonus Distribution: NIH


  • Application Forum Deadline: 8/8
  • Closing Deadline: 8/11
  • Materials Deadline: 8/15

October 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Fluorescent Probes and Proteins (Dyes, fluorescent probes/proteins, caged fluorophores, fluorescent timers)
  • Bonus Distribution: SFN


  • Application Forum Deadline: 9/11
  • Closing Deadline: 9/15
  • Materials Deadline: 9/18

November 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Connectomics (EM, confocal microscopy, 3D imaging, neural analysis, image reconstruction)
  • Focus Section: A Practical Guide to Super-resolution Microscopy – This focus section will explore approaches to using super-resolution microscopy. From STED to PALM and STORM, this practical guide is intended to help researchers get the most out of these emerging technologies.
  • Bonus Distribution: ASCB


  • Application Forum Deadline: 10/10
  • Closing Deadline: 10/15
  • Materials Deadline: 10/17

December 2014

  • Tech News Theme: Chromatography (New approaches in protein separation and purification technologies, chromatography columns, HPLC)


  • Application Forum Deadline: 11/6
  • Closing Deadline: 11/8
  • Materials Deadline: 11/13