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January 2016

  • Tech News Theme: High-Content Screening – This article will examine the increasing number of screens that are seeking to merge genomic, proteomic, and imaging data in an effort to elucidate novel biological insights. Keywords: cellomics; phenotypic screen; flow cytometry; microscopy; RNAi; chemical biology; small molecules
  • Bonus Distribution: SLAS


  • Application Forum Deadline: 12/9
  • Closing Deadline: 12/11
  • Materials Deadline: 12/15

February 2016

  • Tech News Theme: DNA Sequencing – This article will focus on where we stand now in DNA sequencing. Has technology finally given us the resources to sequence complete genomes in short periods of time? And how do different platforms fit together when decoding genomic information? Where will DNA sequencing technology turn next? Keywords: next-generation sequencing; sequencing sample preparation; sequence library construction


  • Application Forum Deadline: 1/8
  • Closing Deadline: 1/12
  • Materials Deadline: 1/15

March 2016 – A READEX Ad Study Issue

  • Tech News Theme: Software Solutions – In this feature, we examine the rise of open source software analysis tools, focusing on microscopy, sequencing, and mass spectrometry tools, and examine how users can personalize their analysis software to fit their needs. Keywords: microscopy; image analysis; next-generation sequencing assembly and analysis; mass spectrometry sample data analysis
  • Bonus Distribution: FASEB


  • Application Forum Deadline: 2/10
  • Closing Deadline: 2/12
  • Materials Deadline: 2/16

April 2016

  • Tech News Theme: Mass Spectrometry – Mass spectrometry is a technique that often bewilders and intimidates novices. But should it? As more mass spectrometry applications emerge and more biologists see the value in adding this tool to their research, developers are realizing the potential of putting the technology into more hands. This feature will explore what it will take to make mass spectrometry a more universal tool. Keywords: mass spectrometry instrumentation; sample preparation; chromatography
  • Bonus Distribution: AACR


  • Application Forum Deadline: 3/9
  • Closing Deadline: 3/11
  • Materials Deadline: 3/16

May 2016

  • Tech News Theme: Modern Lab Equipment and Tools – Ever wonder about the latest trends in lab equipment, and what new instruments and technologies could enhance your experimental workflow? We ask developers and researchers to tell us what they think are the latest and greatest in lab tools. Keywords: labware; lab tools; incubators and culture hoods


  • Application Forum Deadline: 4/8
  • Closing Deadline: 4/12
  • Materials Deadline: 4/15

June 2016 - A READEX Ad Study Issue

  • Tech News Theme: Optogenetics – Optogenetics continues to emerge as the “go to” technique for neuroscientists. But what are the latest developments, and where is the field heading? Find out in this Tech News article. Keywords: microscopy; optical control; fluorescent sensors/proteins; neuroscience; neural analysis


  • Application Forum Deadline: 5/9
  • Closing Deadline: 5/11
  • Materials Deadline: 5/13

July 2016

  • Tech News Theme: Experimental Designs – Biology has grown complex, making experiments and their set-up that much more complicated. Maybe biologists should take some advice from other scientists who have found that design of experiments modeling can make both set-up and experimental interpretation that much easier. In this feature, we look at some groups adopting experimental design strategies into their workflows.
    Keywords: experimental design; multiplex experiments


  • Application Forum Deadline: 6/8
  • Closing Deadline: 6/10
  • Materials Deadline: 6/15

August 2016

  • Tech News Theme: Microbiology Methods – Bacteria tend to aggregate into communities. The latest research shows that members of these communities act together for the common good. This feature will examine the tools being used to understand how bacteria signal, interact, and ultimately work together. Keywords: metagenomics; microbiome; DNA/ RNA isolation and sequencing; culturing of bacteria


  • Application Forum Deadline: 7/8
  • Closing Deadline: 7/12
  • Materials Deadline: 7/15

September 2016 - A READEX Ad Study Issue

  • Tech News Theme: Large Data Visualization – If nothing else, biology is complex; thousands of cells interacting with thousands of proteins
    and other biomolecules – a complex symphony of life. The question though, is how best to represent those interactions visually.
    Researchers are wrestling with this problem, and in this feature, we examine the latest ideas and tools being used to represent biological data visually. Keywords:
    data analysis; visualization; cell signaling pathways; genomic data analysis and visualization/ representation


  • Application Forum Deadline: 8/9
  • Closing Deadline: 8/11
  • Materials Deadline: 8/15

October 2016

  • Tech News Theme: Single-Cell Analysis – Analyzing single cells has become increasingly common for biologists. From single-cell microscopy to single-cell proteomics, we are getting new insights into cell function and organization from single-cell studies. This feature will include interviews from researchers who are integrating the latest in single-cell analysis from different fields (genomics, proteomics, ect.) in an effort to see how everything works together. Keywords: single-cell isolation; genomic analysis of single cells; protein analysis from single cells
  • Bonus Distribution: SFN


  • Application Forum Deadline: 9/8
  • Closing Deadline: 9/12
  • Materials Deadline: 9/15

November 2016

  • Tech News Theme: Gene Editing – CRISPR/Cas9 technology has taken off, and so too has the number of studies providing guidance for the design and use of this technology. In this feature, we look at the latest in CRISPR/Cas9 design tools and strategies. Keywords: genome editing; gene modification; nucleases; CRISPR/ Cas9)
  • Bonus Distribution: ASCB


  • Application Forum Deadline: 10/7
  • Closing Deadline: 10/12
  • Materials Deadline: 10/15

December 2016 – A READEX Ad Study Issue

  • Tech News Theme: Microscopy – Super-resolution imaging has come a long way, going 3-D and now being used for live-cell imaging in real-time. What is next for this amazing microscopy method? Find out in this special Tech News feature article. Keywords: super-resolution microscopy; image analysis; 3-D imaging; live-cell imaging


  • Application Forum Deadline: 11/8
  • Closing Deadline: 11/10
  • Materials Deadline: 11/14

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