Ad Specs and Submissions

Third-Party Email Specifications


  • HTML file
  • Back up text (suggested but not required)
  • From line
  • Subject line


Please note these are only guidelines. If you need help, please contact us and we can always test your file and provide assistance.

  • Compress images to as small a size as possible
  • Main file must be .HTML or .HTM, not a pdf, Word Doc, or Word created HTML
  • All image files should be in .gif or .jpg format
  • All image files should be stored on a publicly accessible Web server – we can host images if necessary, send the .gif or .jpg files to us along with the HTML
  • Do not use JavaScript for essential elements, some browsers do not support it and others view it as SPAM
  • Comply with Web safe colors (216) for text, backgrounds and solid color areas of images (i.e. logos)
  • When specifying a background page color (BGCOLOR), specify within a table rather than the body element
  • Use relative (font size=”-2″) rather than absolute (font size=”2″) font sizes
  • Do not use custom backgrounds (BACKGROUND tag within body element)
  • Do not use page anchors (A NAME=”xyz”)
  • Use absolute ( rather than relative (/page) links
  • Avoid using the <BASE> tag (e.g. <BASE HREF=”xyz”>)
  • Do not use Style Sheets or Cascading Style sheets if possible, we can try to use it but most often CSS emails do not render correctly in Outlook07
  • You may send a back up text document. If you do not we will host the HTML and offer a link at the top of the email for recipients to view the HTML on-line

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