Ad Specs and Submissions

Daily, Weekly, ETOC, & Tech Newsletter Specifications

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General Guidelines:

  • All newsletters are single-sponsorship
  • Materials due 1 week prior to launch
  • Animated gifs are not supported by Outlook 2007, 2010 or Windows Mobile 7.
  • Animated ads can be accepted but advertisers should be aware of the limitations of showing animated ads in the Outlook email program
  • Text portion of ads can include basic formatting and unlimited links.

Newsletter Ad Design and Specifications:

  • Newsletters appear in a single-column design that alternates advertising content with editorial content
  • Most ad spots now offer a combination of images and text, ensuring your ads will be seen by those not downloading images or viewing text-only newsletter versions
  • Newsletters feature a 728×90 pixel top leaderboard image-only ad and also contain a specific number of additional ad spots based on the type of newsletter
  • Advertisers can choose any combination of the ad options below to equal the number of ad placements for the sponsored newsletter
  • Label ad materials in the order you would like them to appear in the newsletter starting with the top leaderboard image ad of 728×90 px as #1

Newsletter Schedule

  • Daily Newsletters: Published Weekdays (Monday through Friday)
  • Tech Newsletters: Published alternating Wednesdays
  • Weekly Newsletters: Published every Saturday
  • E-Table of Contents Alerts: Published the 2nd Monday of every month
  • Custom Topic Tech Newsletters: Published on Mondays and Wednesdays as sponsored

Newsletter Ad Options

Included in the Top Leaderboard Section of All Newsletters:

  • 728 x 90 Image-only Ad

Then, choose any combination from options #1 through #4

  • Daily: 2 additional spots
  • ETOC: 3 additional spots
  • Weekly: 3 additional spots
  • Tech: 3 additional spots

Option #1:

650 x 80 image-only

Option #2:

120 x 90 or 90 x 90 image/logo, plus 40 words of text

Option #3:

300 x 50 image/logo, plus 25 words of text

Option #4:

468 x 60 image/logo, plus 15 words of text

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