Ad Specs and Submissions

Banner Ad Specifications

General Guidelines

  • All creatives must click through to another page and open in a new window
  • All creatives must have a border
  • No expandable banners
  • All flash (.swf) creatives must have clickTAG in place of the the click though URL [see below]
  • All flash (.swf) creatives must have backup image (.jpg or .gif) files
  • No extensive blinking or flashing elements
  • No ad can spawn or pop from another ad unit
  • No geotargeting or frequency capping through creatives
  • No automatic downloads or executable files
  • BioTechniques cannot guarantee we can provide click reports for Javascript ads hosted on third-party servers. Clients must refer to external reports for click-through information.

Online Banner Ad Sizes

Position Width Height
Top Leaderboard – TLB 728 90
Bottom Leaderboard – BLB 728 90
Button – B 120 90
MPU – MPU 300 250
Right Top Skyscraper – RTS 120 600
Left Top Skyscraper – LTS 120 600
Right Bottom Skyscraper – RBS 120 600
Left Bottom Skyscraper – LBS 120 240

Acceptable Formats/Sizes

  • gif or jpg: max file size: 40 KB
  • Initial Flash File Size: 40 KB
  • Looping Limit/Maximum Total Animation Length: 3 loops/15 Seconds Total

In-banner Video

  • Initial Max File Size: 40kb
  • Additional Max File Size: 1000kb
  • Audio:  Must be initiated by user click. Ads must have prominently displayed audio controls (mute/unmute). Ads must be encoded at a maximum volume of -12db.
  • Video: Can contain auto-start video. Ads must have prominently displayed video controls (play/pause). Looping limit of 3 loops per video for a total duration of 30 seconds.

Instructions for Flash Creatives

To ensure proper design and click tracking on your flash creatives, please visit our Instructions for Flash Creatives page.BioTechniques can not ensure your ad will work or click through properly if you do not export your files according to these specifications.

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