Ad Specs and Submissions


Download the BioTechniques Technical Specifications for Print Ads.



For email and ftp email submissions: and please copy

FTP: zip all files before uploading, and notify and after upload with:

  • advertiser name, file name, and location
  • site address:
  • user name: biotechftp Password: D@ta

CD: Please label CD with name of advertiser, month the ad will run, contact information, name of advertisement, and file name.
Please mail CD to: Production Department – BioTechniques, c/o Informa Healthcare, 52 Vanderbilt Ave, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212.520.2714, Fax: 646.666.9870

Proofs: A contract digital proof is defined as a proof with output at 2400 dpi and contains print from a true halftone dot. Publisher is not responsible for color quality without acceptable contract digital proof. Please send contract proof to: Production Department – BioTechniques c/o Informa Healthcare, 52 Vanderbilt Ave, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212.520.2714, Fax: 646.666.9858


General Guidelines:

  • all newsletters are single-sponsorship
  • materials due 1 week prior to launch
  • Animated gifs are not supported by Outlook 2007, 2010 or Windows Mobile 7.
  • animated ads can be accepted but advertisers should be aware of the limitations of showing animated ads in the Outlook email program
  • text portion of ads can include basic formatting and unlimited links.

Special Notice: BioTechniques newsletters were revised in April of 2014 to increase their usefulness to subscribers and to enhance advertising results and options.


  • Newsletters will now appear in a single-column design that will alternate advertising content with editorial content
  • Most ad spots now offer a combination of images and text, ensuring your ads will be seen by those not downloading images or viewing text-only newsletter versions
  • Newsletter will continue to feature a 728×90 pixel top leaderboard image-only ad and then contain a specific number of additional ad spots based on the type of newsletter
  • Advertisers can choose any combination of the ad options below to equal the number of ad placements for the sponsored newsletter
  • Label ad materials in the order you would like them to appear in the newsletter starting with the top leaderboard image ad of 728×90 px as #1

Newsletter Schedule

  • Daily Newsletters: Published Weekdays (Monday through Friday)
  • Tech Newsletters: Published every Wednesday
  • Weekly Newsletters: Published every Thursday
  • E-Table of Contents Alerts: Published the 2nd Monday of every month
  • Custom Topic Tech Newsletters: Published the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Monday of every month

Newsletter Ad Options

Included in the Top Leaderboard Section of All Newsletters:

  • 728 x 90 Image-only Ad

Then, choose any combination from options #1 through #4

  • Daily: 2 additional spots
  • ETOC: 3 additional spots
  • Weekly: 4 additional spots
  • Tech: 4 additional spots

Option #1:

650 x 80 image-only

Option #2:

120 x 90 or 90 x 90 image/logo, plus 40 words of text

Option #3:

300 x 50 image/logo, plus 25 words of text

Option #4:

468 x 60 image/logo, plus 15 words of text


General Guidelines

  • All creatives must click through to another page and open in a new window
  • All creatives must have a border
  • No expandable banners
  • All flash (.swf) creatives must have clickTAG in place of the the click though URL [see below]
  • All flash (.swf) creatives must have backup image (.jpg or .gif) files
  • No extensive blinking or flashing elements
  • No ad can spawn or pop from another ad unit
  • No geotargeting or frequency capping through creatives
  • No automatic downloads or executable files
  • BioTechniques cannot guarantee we can provide click reports for Javascript ads hosted on third-party servers. Clients must refer to external reports for click-through information.

Online Banner Ad Sizes

Position Width Height
Top Leaderboard – TLB 728 90
Bottom Leaderboard – BLB 728 90
Button – B 120 90
MPU – MPU 300 250
Right Top Skyscraper – RTS 120 600
Left Top Skyscraper – LTS 120 600
Right Bottom Skyscraper – RBS 120 600
Left Bottom Skyscraper – LBS 120 240

Acceptable Formats/Sizes

  • gif or jpg: max file size: 40 KB
  • Initial Flash File Size: 40 KB
  • Looping Limit/Maximum Total Animation Length: 3 loops/15 Seconds Total

In-banner Video

  • Initial Max File Size: 40kb
  • Additional Max File Size: 1000kb
  • Audio:  Must be initiated by user click. Ads must have prominently displayed audio controls (mute/unmute). Ads must be encoded at a maximum volume of -12db.
  • Video: Can contain auto-start video. Ads must have prominently displayed video controls (play/pause). Looping limit of 3 loops per video for a total duration of 30 seconds.

Instructions for Flash Creatives

To ensure proper design and click tracking on your flash creatives, please visit our Instructions for Flash Creatives page.BioTechniques can not ensure your ad will work or click through properly if you do not export your files according to these specifications.


Color mode: RGB
Resolution: 300 DPI or higher
Format: PDF, TIFF or EPS
Fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines

Size: 14.5″ x 10.125″

Also required:

  • 200 word abstract submitted in MS Word or similar
  • 1 category selection of your choice

SPONSORED AUDIO AND VIDEO (Highest Possible Quality Required)

Sponsored Video of the Week Text Requirements:

Please provide a 6 word title and a 20 word description in addition to your video file

Audio Formats Extension Details
MP3 .mp3 MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format required


Video Formats Extension Details
MPG .mpg MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format required
MP4 .mp4 Acceptable video format
Apple QuickTime .mov Acceptable video format
Microsoft Audio/Video Interlaced .avi Acceptable video format

Sponsored Audio

Please submit:

  • video file
  • video title
  • 1-2 sentence description of the video

Video Files

If submitting video, the following specifications are a guideline for authors/contributors

  • Frame rate: 15 frames per second minimum
  • NTSC (4:3) size and frame rate, de-interlaced
  • Video Codec: MPEG2 or MPEG4 (MPEG4 preferred)
  • Video Bit rate: at least 260 kbps (750 kbps preferred)
  • Resolution: 492×276 recommended
  • Time: no more than 5 minutes

If the software used for the creation of your video cannot deliver one of the above formats, then please save them in one of the accepted formats. Any alternative format supplied may be subject to conversion (if technically possible) prior to online publication.


High Resolution Client Logo (300 dpi) – .eps file preferred


Please contact your sales rep for details.



List Selects

Please contact your sales rep for details.

General Guidelines for Submitting Survey Questions

  • Materials due 1-week prior to launch date.
  • Up to 10 Questions­­­­
  • Indicate if more than 1 answer choice is allowed
  • Distribution date
  • Seed addresses
  • Name, email address, and phone number of contact authorized to approve distribution