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BioTechniques’ combination of publishing platforms, editorial excellence, and global reach creates a unique opportunity for advertisers to target life scientists where their products and services are most needed: at the lab bench.

  • Largest BPA-audited life science circulation with more than 80,000 qualified subscribers
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Our open-access model, detailed demographic data, and flexible targeting options, ensures your advertising reaches the most appropriate audience at the most cost effective price. More than 88% of subscribers make purchase recommendations or have budget and purchasing authority.

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Summary of the June 2014 Issue of BioTechniques

The June 2014 issue of BioTechniques will feature new articles describing novel methods developments in the areas of: (i) library construction for next-generation sequencing applications, (ii) design of degenerative primers for mutagenesis libraries, (iii) quantification of spliced transcripts by droplet digital PCR, (iv) classification of mutations as germinal or somatic, (v) expression of bioactive human [...]

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