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Launched: 1983
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BioTechniques delivers the largest & most targeted audience of active buyers and influencers – where buying decisions are being made

  • 100% Direct Request Subscribers
    All subscriptions are individually requested and qualified
  • 100% Life Science Focus
    A 100% focus on methods utilizable in the majority of labs
  • 80,000 Distribution
    The largest print audience for a life science publication
  • 82% Buyers & Influencers
    Reach decision where purchasing decisions are made – at the lab bench.
  • Over 80 Occupational Selects plus Geo-targeting
    The most targeted audience of any life science publication

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Our open-access model, detailed demographic data, and flexible targeting options, ensures your advertising reaches the most appropriate audience at the most cost effective price. 80% of subscribers make purchase recommendations or have budget and purchasing authority.

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Summary of the September 2015 Issue of BioTechniques

This month in BioTechniques, there are new methods for: cell free protein synthesis screening of protein libraries using FACS gene synthesis without PCR preparation of adherent cells for flow cytometry fixing and imaging GFP in tissues determining the impact of vascular endothelial cells on cytomegalovirus dissemination In addition to these new peer-reviewed methods articles, September […]

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