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BioTechniques’ combination of publishing platforms, editorial excellence, and global reach creates a unique opportunity for advertisers to target life scientists where their products and services are most needed: at the lab bench.

  • Largest BPA-audited life science circulation with more than 80,000 qualified subscribers
  • More than 174,000 monthly user sessions as certified by BPA Worldwide

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Our open-access model, detailed demographic data, and flexible targeting options, ensures your advertising reaches the most appropriate audience at the most cost effective price. More than 88% of subscribers make purchase recommendations or have budget and purchasing authority.

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Summary of the August 2014 Issue of BioTechniques

In August, BioTechniques will bring readers new methods and techniques in the areas of: cell capture and purification precise gene replacement and deletion for genome engineering allele discrimination tabilization of fluorogenic probes and primers for real-time assays enzymes with strand displacement activity In addition to these research articles, August will also feature a Tech News […]

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In Print: BioTechniques gives advertisers direct access to more than 80,000 qualified subscribers — making it the largest and highest quality BPA-audited audience of any life science publication.

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