Focus: Peer-reviewed Life Science Methods
Bench Scientists
Launched: 1983
Frequency: Monthly
Print Circulation: 80,010
Average Monthly Unique Web Visitors: 107,937
Avg. Monthly Page Impressions: 226,003
Two Year Impact Factor: 2.754
Five Year Impact Factor: 2.931

Key Facts

BioTechniques delivers the largest & most targeted audience of active buyers and influencers – where buying decisions are being made

  • 100% Direct Request Subscribers
    All subscriptions are individually requested and qualified
  • 100% Life Science Focus
    A 100% focus on methods utilizable in the majority of labs
  • 80,000 Distribution
    The largest print audience for a life science publication
  • 82% Buyers & Influencers
    Reach decision where purchasing decisions are made – at the lab bench.
  • Over 80 Occupational Selects plus Geo-targeting
    The most targeted audience of any life science publication

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Our open-access model, detailed demographic data, and flexible targeting options, ensures your advertising reaches the most appropriate audience at the most cost effective price. 80% of subscribers make purchase recommendations or have budget and purchasing authority.

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Latest News

Summary of the November 2015 issue of BioTechniques

The November 2015 issue of BioTechniques will feature a variety of new methods and techniques: an enhanced protocol for 3-D microtissue imaging a novel approach to imaging heart tissues a software development for performing quantitative analysis on image datasets a new platform tool that enables the batch analysis of imaging files ultrasensitive immunoassays for insulin […]

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In Print: BioTechniques gives advertisers direct access to more than 80,000 qualified subscribers — making it the largest and highest quality BPA-audited audience of any life science publication.

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